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FBI Scareware ALERT

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis August 21st, 2012

FBI LogoThere’s a new, very scary “Ransomware” attack spreading like wildfire across the USA in the last few weeks.  It poses as the FBI, and states that you have downloaded illegal material (movies, music, child porn, etc.)  They use VERY sophisticated means to convince you that you should pay money to them.  The FBI is aware of the problem, as well as digital security pros everywhere.  It’s been dubbed “Reveton Ransomware” and it’s a complete hoax, designed to get your money and/or steal your passwords.  It’s not easy to remove, and if you catch it the first thing you should do is CHANGE ALL YOUR ONLINE PASSWORDS from a different PC.  Then, follow these instructions  for removal.  Finally, update ALL software, including Windows, Java, Adobe products, etc.  Better yet, call your favorite IT Pro.  :-).  You can read full details of the attacks  and the “bot” network that is spreading it here.  (Thanks to Krebson Security!).  IMHO the most concerning thing about this attack is the method of payment.  They try to get you to go to a local store and buy a “MoneyPak” for electronic transfer!  This will help them cover their tracks, and helps them skirt around blocks by credit card companies. 

JAVA Warning

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis July 12th, 2012

UPDATE YOUR JAVA.  I’ve cleaned up two very nasty PC infections this week that were Java-based viruses.  BOTH had current anti-virus protection, which didn’t stop the attack.  When Java updates, it’s usually to patch some security hole or other issue.  The hackers and Bad Guys know this, and will exploit any software to take over your computer.  If you’re not sure if you’ve got the latest, click here to get the most recent version.  WARNING: this install will try to get you to add the Ask Toolbar.  Watch for the option and uncheck the box if you don’t want it. 

Final (FBI) Warning

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis July 6th, 2012

The DomainChanger (AKA DNS Changer) virus that I warned you about will “expire” this weekend.  I’m getting lots of phone calls about the hubub, so I wanted to give some explaination.  First of all, THE VIRUS IS IMPOTENT thanks to the FBI.  They shut down the crooks that set it up, and replaced the bad server computers with some of their own (ours… the taxpayers).  But if you ARE infected, the servers will be shut down soon.  What’s that mean?  You won’t get internet access on the infected PC.  You’ll have to remove the bug before you can surf.  Here’s a link to the site that will clean it up for you.  Interestingly, the daily “new IP’s” (or new computer addresses) to the FBI servers is still quite high: 300,000+ as of about a month ago.  That tells me there’s still a BUNCH of folks out there that are infected.  If you have friends or family whose internet suddenly stops working this weekend, this is probably why.

Scam Alert

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis May 25th, 2012

WATCH out folks, and check on your elderly…. there’s a phone scam going on that’s worrisome.  A guy with an Indian accent is calling people, telling them their computer is infected and they need to take care of it.  He’ll make it sound like he represents Microsoft.  DO NOT listen, instead ask for company information, write it down, and report it to your state’s office of consumer affairs.  For Oklahoma, here’s a link These crooks are calling old people and scamming them out of money for junk software (and stolen licenses).  The information they give points to a site called Micro PC PCare, and it all APPEARS to be legitimate, but it’s not.  My poor client got scammed out of $60 when there was nothing wrong with her PC.  Her credit card wouldn’t stop the charge because she agreed to let them do it!   SHAME ON YOU VULTURES.  The name he gave was Victor Lamb.  The phone number listed was 877-753-5167.  Warn your friends and family! 

Facebook Stalkers

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis February 20th, 2012

Yes, it happens.  So there are LOTS of good reasons to enable privacy on your account.  ESPECIALLY women and kids.  But you’ll often see ads that claim they can tell you things like 1) who is looking at your page and 2) who’s searching the engines for you.  THESE ARE FALSE, and might get you a virus instead.  There’s no way to do this without a warrant, so it’s just another scam.  They’re trying to get you to sign up/pay for something that’s impossible.  Meanwhile, make sure you enable full privacy on FB and don’t friend anyone you’re unsure of.   If you or someone in your family suspect ANY bad feelings about an individual, just remove them from the friend list.  Better safe than sorry.  I’ve also posted some good stuff in previous blogs to help protect/monitor your children It’s interesting to note here that LinkedIn (another social site geared more towards business) CAN tell you who’s watching, for a price.  You have to pay them for a premium account to get this feature.


Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis December 14th, 2011

For the third time in less than a week I just cleaned up a TERRIBLE infection on a PC with McAfee protection.  My advice?  GET RID OF IT.  In my opinion you’re better off with no protection at all than to go along thinking that your PC is safe, when it’s NOT.  I realize a lot of you get McAfee free from your cable provider or AOL.  But seriously, you’re better off with AVG free or some other product.  For a pay product I like Norton Internet Security, but watch out for price gouging.  The Symantec (Norton) site will try to stab you for $60-$80 per license.  You’ll get get MUCH better deals from resellers, office stores, or even Wal-mart.

Email alert

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis November 15th, 2011

VIRUS WARNING:  There’s an email circulating out there that will send you to an infected site.  SUBJECT – ACH Transaction Canceled.  FROM – The Electronic Payments Association.  DO NOT click the link!  The site is infected and will take over your PC.  This one almost got me because I had just made an electronic payment.  Luckily my antivirus (ESET NOD32) blocked access to the web page.

Android Critters

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis August 2nd, 2011

Well, the Android OS now takes the lead at 39%, and OF COURSE now there are viruses and bugs out there to watch for.  A researcher at CA just discovered one that can record your conversations!  See the full article here.  Google found a bunch of infected app’s that they pulled from the marketplace (read more hereand CHECK TO BE SURE YOU DIDN’T INSTALL THESE!).  The general rule of thumb is to ONLY download from trusted sites or marketplace.  But I think it’s time for everyone to install anti-virus on your phones/tablets.  Here’s an article to get you to 4 good ones.  I’m test driving AVG Android right now.  I’ll post more later.

Don’t Panic!

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis July 18th, 2011

If your PC gets attacked, don’t freak out.  First remember CTRL-ALT-DEL and TASK MANAGER can help you kill IE windows and other stuff without clicking the window (which sometimes ACTIVATES the critter!).  To clean it up:  your virus protection (you DO have it, right?!) may only catch part of the problem.  The best tool to clean up other parts is Malwarebytes AntiMalware.  It’s free for personal use and you can get it here.  Install it, run a full scan, and remove everything it finds.  LOOK AT THE LIST and beware of anything that says ROOTKIT or KEYLOGGER.  If you get one of these, you should CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS on any accounts you accessed with that computer.  If you got a rootkit, contact a professional.

Attacks from Russia

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis May 23rd, 2011

Ok, so the source of the latest digital attacks has been revealed!  They are using Google API to steer people to infected sites.  The source is in Russia.  This was verified by a customer who inadvertantly gave their CC number to the critter (the one that pretends to be Antivirus), then contacted the bank.  They rejected the charges based on location.  So it seems that the Russian mob has found another way to steal lots of American money.  IF I DISAPPEAR PLEASE TELL THEM TO READ THIS!  😉   I’d say avoid Google searches altogether until they clean up their act.