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US Internet Speeds

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 17th, 2012

Well, I’m not surprised:  the mid-west, Oklahoma included, lags behind the rest of the US in bandwidth, according to a study by Pando Networks (see map).  Growing up I always said that Oklahoma was ALWAYS behind the times by about twenty years.  It’s not as bad now, but still… maybe 5 years?  :-)  In a recent study they sampled data from all over the continental United States, and found big differences between our state and California, for example.  Rhode Island was at the top of the charts, while Idaho hit dead last.  I haven’t seen the push that I expected in the last few years towards fiber optics.  AT&T was actively installing fiber networks for awhile, but I don’t see as much activity lately.   I think part of that is because the push is towards cellular and wireless networks.  But consumer’s thirst for more bandwidth is outpacing the 3g and 4g expansions, so it seems prudent to continue building fiber networks.  I think that eventually the cell companies will have to tie their towers to a really big data pipeline like fiber offers.  Here’s the source article if you’d like to read it.

9/11 Backlash

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis September 11th, 2011

On this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist strikes, I felt it necessary to inform you, the readers, of the abuse that resulted.  Keep in mind that we KNEW.  We HAD THE INTELLIGENCE needed to stop the attacks.  And yet, afterwards the (Busch) administration passed SWEEPING laws that not only invaded your privacy, but are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  You have the right, for example, to face your accusers.  To know what lists you may be on, and who is tapping your phone, or looking at your phone bills.  But not any more.  Obama promised he’d stop the nonsense.  He didn’t.  So we go on, allowing every citizen’s rights to be violated daily.  Is it helping?  Evidently not, from the reports I’ve seen.  We are spending $BILLIONS more on Homeland Security, yet the result seems to be more confusion than before.  It’s pretty sad.  I think that those who gave their lives on that fateful day would be pretty let down, to say the least.  Here’s an article with more details.