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FBI Scareware ALERT

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis August 21st, 2012

FBI LogoThere’s a new, very scary “Ransomware” attack spreading like wildfire across the USA in the last few weeks.  It poses as the FBI, and states that you have downloaded illegal material (movies, music, child porn, etc.)  They use VERY sophisticated means to convince you that you should pay money to them.  The FBI is aware of the problem, as well as digital security pros everywhere.  It’s been dubbed “Reveton Ransomware” and it’s a complete hoax, designed to get your money and/or steal your passwords.  It’s not easy to remove, and if you catch it the first thing you should do is CHANGE ALL YOUR ONLINE PASSWORDS from a different PC.  Then, follow these instructions  for removal.  Finally, update ALL software, including Windows, Java, Adobe products, etc.  Better yet, call your favorite IT Pro.  :-).  You can read full details of the attacks  and the “bot” network that is spreading it here.  (Thanks to Krebson Security!).  IMHO the most concerning thing about this attack is the method of payment.  They try to get you to go to a local store and buy a “MoneyPak” for electronic transfer!  This will help them cover their tracks, and helps them skirt around blocks by credit card companies. 


Helpful Hints, News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis April 30th, 2011

Watch out for an email that says your password has been reset on Facebook!  It’s nonsense and has a zip file attached that contains a trojan called Zurgop.Q.  No details on how it attacks yet, because it’s very new.  In fact, your virus scanner might miss it –  ESET has only had it identified for about 24 hours.  The latest attacks are mostly the fake security warnings that are trying to steal your credit card info.  Most likely this one would load up your PC with software critters that do something similar.

Virus Alert

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 28th, 2011

Ok, so another downloader trojan (a variant of Win32/ TrojanDownloader.Stohil.J) is circulating in an Email that’s titled UNITED PARCEL SERVICE NOTIFICATION.  Don’t open it or they’ll release other, more malicious software onto your machine.  It’s basically good practice to avoid all bank, package, pay-pal, and IRS warnings that come in email, because they are most likely fake (at best) and could possibly trash your PC.

Virus Warning

Helpful Hints, News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis January 27th, 2011

You may receive an  apparently harmless e-mail   titled  “Here  you have  it”  If  you open the file, a  message will appear  on your screen saying: ‘It is too late  now,  your life is no longer   beautiful….’  Subsequently  you will LOSE  EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC, And  the person who sent it to you will  gain  access to your Name, e-mail and password. This  is a new  virus which started to circulate  on Saturday afternoon. AOL has  already  confirmed the severity, and the anti virus  software’s  are not capable of destroying  it.