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Cyber Warfare and Politics

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 20th, 2012

Our government has been practically impotent for the last 3.5 years thanks to partisanship and posturing.  Yet another fine example of this is dealing with cyber attacks.  We desperately need our laws to catch up and address the myriad of potentially dangerous situations that exist via internet, and yet they are playing the same ol’ song and dance; no agreement, no laws passed so far.  In fact some of the bills introduced are just downright silly.  McCain is trying to push one through that would basically do nothing but keep businesses out of court while further reducing your privacy on the web.  James Lewis, a senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies took a look at the bill and was apalled.  Lewis called the Senate Republicans’ bill “national security through faith healing.” and added “It’s a flop, it’s a bust, it’s a joke,”.  The problem I see here, besides silly politics, is that the people we chose to represent us in government know VERY LITTLE about the technology.  We should be referring to the experts, educating the public, and letting them decide.  Ignorance is no excuse, I realize… but if they don’t wake up and DO SOMETHING we may face a major attack on the scale of 9-11.  I hear them talk about cyber-terrorism, but in my mind the major threat right now is organized crime.  They are pumping BIG BUCKS into their operations, and getting VERY sophisticated in the attacks and software they build.  It’s easy to imagine a scnario that could make them Billion$ simply by shutting down the NYC power grid for a day, as Presidaent Obama simulated in a recent closed-door demonstration.  I believe top priority should be securing our cyber-borders and holding the big businesses accountable for sloppy IT.  You can read more here (thanks for a great article Huff Post Tech!).