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HP Nightmares

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis April 4th, 2012

Well,  just about the time I was bragging on Hewlett-Packard printers… HOLD THAT THOUGHT.  I just had an HP Photosmart 7500 series printer FAIL after only about 1 MONTH of use.  As if that’s not bad enough, getting it replaced was NOT EASY.  First of all, to get assistance I had to go to the web site and enter the serial number and product number.  They have a little picture to show you where these are, but it’s WRONG.  The product number, it turns out, is located somewhere ELSE that you’d never guess.  I’ve run into this issue before, so I eventually punched in the number that made it happy.  But what a NIGHTMARE this would be for the typical end-user!  Then they had me jump through hoops like the proverbial circus dog, running through an entire page of silly instructions (like turning the power on and off, trying different paper, etc.) before they would admit that the unit had failed.  Then I had to wait for a phone call so that they could ship a new one without waiting for the old return – they won’t do this without a credit card number.  It took a week for it to arrive, and the new unit refused to take the practically NEW cartridges from the old printer.  It insisted that I unpack and install the new set that was shipped with it.  By the time I finished all of this rigamarole the customer could have bought a new one.  All of these issues are from poor design by HP; the website, the process, and the printer itself need to be redesigned.  If nobody else on the planet reads this, maybe they will.  In the meanwhile I would urge consumers to wait.  HP is trying to turn things around, but they have a ways to go yet.  PS.  Remember that slick little Laserjet I wrote about?  One of them has already misfired on printing, but shaking the toner cartridge seemed to help… stay tuned for updates.