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Android Tablet update

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis March 6th, 2012

Rumors have it the i-pad 3 will be unveiled tomorrow.  For the rest of us, there are some REALLY cool tablets on the market that use Android (A-tabs).  We bought a Sony 10.1″ Tablet S last Christmas, and I’ve been VERY impressed.  The graphics are stunning, and it’s very ergonomic and easy to use.  Performance has been great except for a Wifi issue out-of-the-box.  I keep watching the latest, greatest releases and I’m puzzled about one thing;  WHY isn’t ANYONE releasing a 12″ Android Tablet?!  Asus is up front with a commanding design lead in this market, yet even their newest release (the Transformer Prime) has a 10.1″ screen.  It seems to me that Apple hit the nail on the head with the size of the i-pad.  It’s perfect.  So I REFUSE to buy an A-tab for myself until someone releases a good 12″ version.  (there are currently some really odd 12″ off-brand A-tabs  coming from China that I’m avoiding).  Meanwhile, Google is REALLY going to push A-tabs in 2012 according to a statement they recently made at the MWC conference in Spain.  The number of new Android users each day is staggering, and with new versions named Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean (coming soon), it makes us hungry for more.  Thanks to Android Authority for their timely reporting and great articles.  (Note: we coined the term A-tab in this article… let’s see how fast it spreads across the web!) 

Cyber Monday

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis November 28th, 2011

Black Friday.  What a nightmare.  Seriously, you couldn’t PAY ME enough to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  After what I saw on the news, and the people I asked who DID brave the shopping madness, it’s just not worth it.  Most people didn’t get the deals that were promised.  The only way you got those were to camp out and be the first in line.  See, it’s a bait and switch game for retailers.  They just want you in their store.  So they stock a few items for a great deal, but those disappear quickly.  Then you’re stuck buying what’s left.  On the other hand, I LOVE online shopping.  I can compare prices in minutes, and have the stuff on my doorstep within a few days.  Right now I’m eyeballing the Sony SGPT112 Tablet.  I’ve been watching these devices for a long time, hoping that one will rival the i-pad 2.  This is the one, I think.  I’m going to bite the bullet and try it.  Looks like the wife will be getting a new tablet for Christmas!  (SHHHHH…).  The tablet is on sale at Target for $500, but it’s the 16 Gb version.  For this price they are throwing in about $100(?) worth of accessories.  But I like the Amazon deal better.  I can get the 32 Gb version for $514, with no accessories.  I’ll buy those later.  You can’t add more internal memory, so I want the most possible.  Meanwhile this swanky little unit ships with Android Honeycomb.  Since we’re both used to the Android OS, it will make it a cinch to drive.  I’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.

Ugly Monster TV’s

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis June 23rd, 2011

Green Blob TVBig HDTV’s have gotten relatively cheap these days, and there are lots of choices.  I like LCD for its fairly low power consumption and great picture quality.  Recently a customer’s big Sony Grand Wega LCD turned ugly.  It got a big green blob (picture shown is supposed to be WHITE) in the middle of the screen.  Turns out it was a common problem in early Sony LCD’s, and there were at least two different class action suits over a part called the Optical Engine (OE).  At first we were mad because the OE part was expensive, and warranty extensions had ended in Summer of ’09.  But when I contacted Sony they gave her a $1000 off a new Sony Bravia LCD!  Needless to say, she’s a happy camper.  :-)   YEAH SONY!