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Tulsa Traffic

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis May 31st, 2012

This is off the usual subject(s) but I just gotta say:  we’re VERY lucky in Tulsa –   our traffic is a BREEZE compared to the rest of the country.  I pondered this as I sat in traffic, bumper-to-bumper, for 30 minutes tonight.  It was at a complete standstill for a while (bad wreck… hope they’re ok!).  This is a record for me in Tulsa.  I have NEVER before had to sit this long and wait.  How great is that?  I mean, for nearly 15 years I’ve been ALL OVER this city, every day, and yet the longest I’ve ever been stuck in it was 30 minutes.  People in L.A., Dallas, D.C., etc etc would probably KILL for that.  The last time I drove in Dallas it was a nightmare.  So for all of us around Green Country… despite the contruction, we’ve really got it good.  Enjoy!  (oh, DRIVERS?  Now THAT’S a different story…)