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Norton Power Eraser

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis August 17th, 2012

If you’re using Norton for your PC protection, you may have wondered about some of the extra tools that they offer.  Although I REALLY like Norton’s virus and malware protection, these tools are practically worthless.  The main two I’m talking about are called Norton Power Eraser (NPE) and the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (NBRT).   First of all, Power Eraser is a TERRIBLE name for this software.  It implies that it’s a scrubbing tool or something.  But MOSTLY I should warn you:  If you get a message from Norton that you should run NPE, you most likely have a ROOTKIT!  This is the worst kind of infection, and allows total control of your computer.  The really sad part is that NPE probably won’t be able to remove it!  The tool seems to hang on removal or completely fail, and the boot tool rarely works unless you burn a CD of it.  Your best bet, if this happens, is to download and run ComboFix from this site.  (NOTE:  It’s the second Download button.  The first one is an ad).  You should turn off your virus protection while it runs.  It removes the vast majority of rootkits without a hitch.  But if all this makes you nervous, just take your PC to a good technician, and tell them the problem.   By the way, I still highly recommend Norton Internet Security.  I’ve only had ONE infection, out of hundreds of PC’s, in the last year since I started recommending it.  It’s great at prevention, which is the key in the first place. 

SD Cards

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis May 10th, 2011

Cameras and other devices have a variety of memory cards available.  The most popular standard is SD, but there are three sizes/packages available in this type; Standard, mini, and micro SD.  There are adapters for the smaller ones so you can read them in standard SD slots.  Be aware that some of the newer, large capacity cards won’t read in older slots.  Also, any time you get a new one you should FORMAT THE CARD IN THE DEVICE YOU WANT TO USE IT IN.  (your camera, for example).  This can save you from having file problems later on.  I’ve rescued photos several times for panicked customers whose photos seemed to suddenly DISAPPEAR.  They were still there, but some pieces were scrambled.  My favorite tool for this scenario is called Flash File Recovery from Panterasoft.  So far (for me) it’s had about a 90% success rate in recovering lost photos.