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Stupid Nvidia RAID

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 14th, 2012

Ok, so remember how I told you there’s a cool thing called RAID that will keep you from losing your stuff?  If you use a RAID 1 “mirror” on two hard drives, it keeps a constant copy of EVERYTHING.  It’s great, as long as it works.  This week I had a RAID array fail, and found out just how CRAPPY the Nvidia RAID manager is.  I looked around after a bunch of weird things happened, like my document backup failed.  Turns out the mirror had been broken for ALMOST TWO WEEKS.  I got no notification, no warnings.  But HERE’S the KICKER:  The FAILED drive was the one the Nvidia chip decided to continue using!  So my last two weeks of work were hanging by a thread.  ARRRRGGG!  Luckily, I was able to clone the drive to another, and then go get a replacement drive.  HEY NVIDIA… STAY OUT OF THE RAID BUSINESS.  They evidently should stick with video cards/chips (which they do very nicely, by the way).  Most mainboards these days with built-in RAID capability have the Intel solution.  I can GUARANTEE this would never had happened with their setup.