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HP Laserjet Pro

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis March 25th, 2012

I don’t usually write product reviews, because it’s pretty rare that I’m uber-impressed by any single product.  Since we don’t take advertising money or other sponsorships, I prefer to write about things that will help my friends and customers the most.  This might:  HP is looking much better, FINALLY.  Months ago, I griped about the cheaply made products and junk software.  Last week I had the pleasure of installing the new HP Laserjet Pro P1100 series.  This tiny black printer has a footprint smaller than Shaq’s, installed like a dream, and runs like an old-style HP product.  I mean that in a good way;  It’s fast, it’s quiet, and the software that Windows 7 needs is already built-in.  It will take some time to see how “tough” these printers are, so I’ll keep my eye on them.  But for the price, this little gem can’t be beat – $140 on the streets currently.  5 years ago that was simply unheard of.  Keep in mind this is a monochrome laser printer, but I think the color lasers are driving the price down for these  types of units.  Another interesting thing I noticed recently is their software; HP has changed its course and done much better along those lines.  The new version of the HP Solutions Center is streamlined, and works like a charm.  I see far fewer issues with hanging processes or “bloatware”.  They have basic (corporate) drivers for most products… that cuts out all the garbage.  They also refined the process for changing  connection types – USB to WiFi, for example.  Overall I see good changes coming from this company, and it’s about time.  I think if they’ll focus on quality rather than quantity, they could really turn things around.