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No Apple 4 ME

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis March 7th, 2012

I usually have to say this at least once or twice a week:  I DON’T DO APPLE.  Despite this, I still have customers that want to pay me to work on their i-stuff.  Even though I warn them that it will take me a lot more time, they still do it.  So I know more i-nformation than I really wanted.  NEWS:  If you use an i-phone, and Outlook… things are changing.  Email sync with Outlook is something a lot of i-phone users want, but it’s a tricky thing. By this I mean making deletions, for example, happen on both devices with only one action. (If you’re a geek DO NOT tell me about IMAP accounts because Outlook doesn’t play nice with IMAP).   If you don’t work for a big company that has an Exchange server, you should buy a service to do it.  The most popular has been MobileMe.  But Apple is making a move similar to Google: they are combining several services and sites into a one stop “cloud” solution called iCloud.  Hopefully the new mail sync will work better than MobileMe did.