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FBI Scareware ALERT

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis August 21st, 2012

FBI LogoThere’s a new, very scary “Ransomware” attack spreading like wildfire across the USA in the last few weeks.  It poses as the FBI, and states that you have downloaded illegal material (movies, music, child porn, etc.)  They use VERY sophisticated means to convince you that you should pay money to them.  The FBI is aware of the problem, as well as digital security pros everywhere.  It’s been dubbed “Reveton Ransomware” and it’s a complete hoax, designed to get your money and/or steal your passwords.  It’s not easy to remove, and if you catch it the first thing you should do is CHANGE ALL YOUR ONLINE PASSWORDS from a different PC.  Then, follow these instructions  for removal.  Finally, update ALL software, including Windows, Java, Adobe products, etc.  Better yet, call your favorite IT Pro.  :-).  You can read full details of the attacks  and the “bot” network that is spreading it here.  (Thanks to Krebson Security!).  IMHO the most concerning thing about this attack is the method of payment.  They try to get you to go to a local store and buy a “MoneyPak” for electronic transfer!  This will help them cover their tracks, and helps them skirt around blocks by credit card companies. 

Final (FBI) Warning

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis July 6th, 2012

The DomainChanger (AKA DNS Changer) virus that I warned you about will “expire” this weekend.  I’m getting lots of phone calls about the hubub, so I wanted to give some explaination.  First of all, THE VIRUS IS IMPOTENT thanks to the FBI.  They shut down the crooks that set it up, and replaced the bad server computers with some of their own (ours… the taxpayers).  But if you ARE infected, the servers will be shut down soon.  What’s that mean?  You won’t get internet access on the infected PC.  You’ll have to remove the bug before you can surf.  Here’s a link to the site that will clean it up for you.  Interestingly, the daily “new IP’s” (or new computer addresses) to the FBI servers is still quite high: 300,000+ as of about a month ago.  That tells me there’s still a BUNCH of folks out there that are infected.  If you have friends or family whose internet suddenly stops working this weekend, this is probably why.

DNS Warning

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis February 18th, 2012

The Internet is basically three things;  Connections (think wires, wifi, fiber optics etc), Computers, and Routers.  The main computers that control and manage the traffic are called Domain Name System (DNS) servers.  Some of the biggest and most dangerous attacks lately are setting up fake DNS servers, and making YOUR PC go someplace evil instead of where you told it.  The FBI, and a bunch of other “good guys”, have been combatting recent worm attacks called DomainChanger.  These digital heroes went so far as to replace some of the nation’s biggest DNS servers via court order, to try and stop the spread of attack.  University Geeks set up a web site to help you check your computer.  EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS – you can find the instructions here.  Meanwhile, in June 2012, the court order expires and a bunch of key DNS servers may go down.  It could cause major Internet traffic issues.  Read the full article on Beta Beat here.

Osama Photos (FBI Warning)

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis May 8th, 2011

We have been advised of an FBI warning related to purported images and videos related to the recent events surrounding Osama bin Laden. A number of reports have indicated attempts to integrate malicious software with this media or websites hosting it. We advise all users to avoid viewing or clicking links claiming to show Osama bin Laden. Please see the below link to the FBI warning for more information.