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Facebook Implosion

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis May 24th, 2012

Remember how I warned against buying Facebook stock during its IPO?  If you listened to me, you sold short right afterwards, and MADE A FORTUNE.  It’s been in a downward spiral since the initial offering, and I don’t think that’s the end of it.  For some reason, Wall Street and the gang think that just because something is popular and “technological”, it can make money.  You would think that some lessons would be learned after the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, but alas…. they just don’t get it.  I just read a great analysis by Michael Wolff of the Technology Review that concurred, for different reasons.  I solve puzzles all day, and the thing that I always come back to is REMEMBER THE BASICS.  Yes, the advertising and the information they hold about their users is an issue, but the biggest, simplest reason they will continue to drop is POPULARITY.  People are already drifting away.  They’re tired of Joe Studly posting every move he makes, including brushing his teeth.  They’ve been scalded by having TOO MUCH information available when their best friend stops talking to them because of some awkward post on FB.  So it’s become a place where only the die-hard fans continue to post, and others just sit back and watch (or stop using it for weeks at a time).  As FB tries to capitalize on the information they have, and shove more advertising in people’s faces, they’ll lose even more users.  If you want to invest in technology, look for truly high-tech solutions to terrible problems.  Cancer research is a fine example.  Or at least buy something that has a tangible service to the users, like Google’s search engine, or Amazon’s online store.  Ok, I’ll climb down off the soap-box now.  :-)

Stupid Nvidia RAID

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 14th, 2012

Ok, so remember how I told you there’s a cool thing called RAID that will keep you from losing your stuff?  If you use a RAID 1 “mirror” on two hard drives, it keeps a constant copy of EVERYTHING.  It’s great, as long as it works.  This week I had a RAID array fail, and found out just how CRAPPY the Nvidia RAID manager is.  I looked around after a bunch of weird things happened, like my document backup failed.  Turns out the mirror had been broken for ALMOST TWO WEEKS.  I got no notification, no warnings.  But HERE’S the KICKER:  The FAILED drive was the one the Nvidia chip decided to continue using!  So my last two weeks of work were hanging by a thread.  ARRRRGGG!  Luckily, I was able to clone the drive to another, and then go get a replacement drive.  HEY NVIDIA… STAY OUT OF THE RAID BUSINESS.  They evidently should stick with video cards/chips (which they do very nicely, by the way).  Most mainboards these days with built-in RAID capability have the Intel solution.  I can GUARANTEE this would never had happened with their setup. 

Failed USB drives

Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis August 8th, 2011

Inside ViewUSB Hard drives are a great way to back up your stuff, and provide storage space if you run out.  BUT they can be a real nightmare if they fail.  Most of the time, we see a partial failure that causes all kinds of bizarre things to happen.  Sometimes your PC will just run incredibly slow.  Other times it will cause the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.  In any case, if you have strange things happening to your computer, try unplugging these devices first, to make sure that’s not the issue.  If it does fail, you can often open the container and remove the drive inside.  They’re usually just a standard internal drive, and often they’re OK.  If you’re not comfortable doing this, take it to a reputable PC shop if you need your stuff off of it.