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HD revisited

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis June 15th, 2012

High definition, right?  Nope, in this case I’m talkin’ about Hard Drives.  I’ve written posts about the drive shortage, backing up, and solid state drives.  But there’s a whole new fleet of External USB (or networked) drives that deserve a closer look.  Several companies are making drives that you plug in and can access from all over the planet.  Others create their own WiFi network that you can log into from smartphones or your PC.  There are also some very stylish drives that are much smaller these days.  I have clients that will buy several pocket-sized drives and rotate them for offsite backup.   They also have some really tough built HD’s that can withstand a lot of abuse.  This would be perfect for industrial sites or college students :-)    Here’s an article  that shows them in detail (thanks to Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave).

Failed USB drives

Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis August 8th, 2011

Inside ViewUSB Hard drives are a great way to back up your stuff, and provide storage space if you run out.  BUT they can be a real nightmare if they fail.  Most of the time, we see a partial failure that causes all kinds of bizarre things to happen.  Sometimes your PC will just run incredibly slow.  Other times it will cause the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.  In any case, if you have strange things happening to your computer, try unplugging these devices first, to make sure that’s not the issue.  If it does fail, you can often open the container and remove the drive inside.  They’re usually just a standard internal drive, and often they’re OK.  If you’re not comfortable doing this, take it to a reputable PC shop if you need your stuff off of it.