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Outlook 2010

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis December 5th, 2011

If you made the jump to Outlook 2010, you may have been surprised at some of the new layout and features.  It looks much more like Word and Excel now, since they added tabbed menus to try and anticipate everone’s needs.  To me it feels a little more cluttered.  I’m starting to get used to it though.  One thing I HATE is the fact that they MOVED the Sent and Deleted Items folders.  They used to be mixed in with all the others, in alphabetical order.  Now they appear at the top of the folder list.  Grrrr.  I bet I’ve scrolled down the list 50 times already, only to realize it’s back up there where I started.  The other irritating thing I see is that the File Menu now completely wipes out your view of the current doument.  BUT it’s got a lot more utilities and options, so I think it’s a good trade-off.  For those of you who want to continue using the automated backup for Outlook (downloaded here), you have to make a change before it will work correctly.  See this page for details.  NOTE:  Microsoft claims it won’t work.  It will if you follow these directions.

Deleted Email

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis November 17th, 2011

Email is a whole different story when it comes to deleting.  First of all, it depends on HOW you do your email.  If you use WEBMAIL, you are looking at items that exist in THE CLOUD.  So somewhere out there, on a server, all your mail is stored.  Whether it’s Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, someone else has control of your stuff.  Some of them have a way for you to save a local copy of email as EML, PDF or other formats.  This is a good thing to do if it’s important because  if you delete it from the cloud, and then remove it from the Deleted Items folder, you will probably NEVER get it back.  They don’t offer any kind of back up or retrieval services on the freebies.  MAYBE on a premium account, but these are expensive.  On the other hand, if you use a local email routine like Outlook or Windows Live Mail, your backup can help.  But you should be aware that Outlook and some others store all your stuff in one great big file (for Outlook it’s called a PST file).  So if something gets deleted from inside this file (and removed from Deleted Items), it’s difficult or impossible to restore.  Unlike a file deletion, there’s no bits left that show it existed AND the PST file still exists, without the content you lost.  This is why it’s CRITICAL to back up your PST file if you use Outlook.  Note that Microsoft has an add-on that will automatically back up your PST when you exit.  You can get it here.  NOTE:  Another Ball Dropped by E-how.  They claim you can find your deleted Outlook mail by looking in the Recycle bin!  This is just plain WRONG, and silly.  Shame on you guys!

Deleted files

Helpful Hints, Warnings | Posted by Dennis November 16th, 2011

Sometimes we make mistakes.  It’s pretty easy to accidentally delete a file.  Of course, windows can help right away if you check your Recycle Bin (or Deleted Items in email).  But what if those are gone, too?  This is one really good reason to BACK UP.  But if you don’t have a backup, what then?  TURN OFF YOUR PC and CALL a PROFESSIONAL.  We have tools that allow us to find and restore deleted files, but the longer you run Windows, the less likely we’d be able to get it back.  See, when a file is deleted, just the first part of it is lopped off.  The rest remains intact until it’s written over.  The longer you run Windows, the more likely that space will get written over.  Note that there are forensics tools that the FBI and other labs use that can retrieve many layers of the magnetic writes.  It’s a lengthy and sophisticated (thus Expensive) process though.  If you WANT to totally remove sensitive files, then use a software SCRUBBER.  It erases, completely, and many times so that this type of retrieval is much more difficult if not impossible.