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Helpful Hints, News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis September 8th, 2011

SpamThe battle of spam rages on.  Umm, that’s junk email, not meat byproducts.  :-) The latest trick is hacking your online email accounts, and spamming your address list (so USE STRONG PASSWORDS!!!).  This spam often sends you to the “Canadian Health&Care Mall”, which tells me THEY NEED TO PROSECUTE THIS COMPANY for the nonsense.  There have been other, significant arrests that helped stop the problem; Oleg Nikolaenko in 2010 and Robert Soloway in 2007 were considered responsible for up to HALF the spam in circulation across the globe.  My customers often ask how they can remedy the junk mail.  In short; 1) make sure your service’s spam filter is turned on (almost all of them have adjustable spam filters now)  2) if it’s legitimate junk mail, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to include an opt-out message at the bottom for you to easily get off the list, and stop the ads.  3) Only give your email address to those you trust.  You can create an alternative mail account if you want to use that for filling out silly Internet stuff that require it.  Overall, I have to say that the spam problem has gone down dramatically since Bill Gates proclaimed war on it a few years back.  The Outlook Junk filter ROCKS!