Email Encryption

Posted by Dennis September 21st, 2011

Did you know that all the email you send can be picked off, intercepted, or SNIFFED at any point along the way?  Laws have been passed against these practices, but they’re still common.  How can you guarantee your email is ONLY visible to the recipient?  ENCRYPTION.  Encrypting email is, unfortunately, more difficult than just  doing your files.  The first thing you need is a CERTIFICATE (aka cert).   Some refer to these as Digital ID’s.   Email cert’s are available from several companies, and if you were to purchase one I’d suggest VerisignBut if you want a FREE one, there are several available for personal use.  Here’s one from Comodo, for example.  A cert is the way you encrypt such that not only YOU can read it, but also the RECIPIENT.  The cert’s usually have a pair of keys, one is public and the other private.  It’s the way your computer knows how to descramble the message.  Once you get your cert, follow these directions to install in Outlook.

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