Find your Phone

Posted by Dennis September 6th, 2011

Prey appIn a previous post I talked about spying on people via phone, but there’s a practical side to the matter: Finding Your Phone.  We’ve all used the trick of calling ourselves if we misplaced it, but what if it’s stolen or gone elsewhere?  iphone users have always had the  Find My Phone app, but they may not know that same app is available for the iPod Touch and iPad.  For Android users, there are a couple of options;  McAfee has a $19.95/yr service, or there’s a free app you can download called Prey.  Get it here.  Note that savvy thieves will pull the battery and Sim card first, but you still might have a chance to spot it.  These apps/services can also be handy for tracking your kids or elderly.  Some cell companies offer this type of service for plain cell phones (no smart-phone app).  Remember, if you want to use these things TRY IT BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENS instead of after.  :-)

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