Bar Code scanners

Posted by Dennis August 3rd, 2011

This takes you to our home pageOne of the coolest apps for smartphones is the bar code scanner.  I use the one from Marketplace by ZXing.  It allows you to take a picture of a barcode, read it, and send the info on to another app.  One of the most popular things to imbed are web addresses, so when you scan it, you are taken to a web site in your browser.   This one, for example, will steer your phone to our main page.  BE CAREFUL because some might pipe you to an app that you don’t want (or worse, a virus).   If you have a site you’d like to create a bar code for, here’s a great free site for that.  One of the other really great reasons to have this app is for SHOPPING.  You can scan a product and send it to Google shopper, for example, and it will check prices for you!  Gotta love it.  :-)

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  1. avatar Amy Prentice says:

    Very cool and easy to create! Thanks for the info.

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