3D Video

Posted by Dennis July 31st, 2011

Hologram of a violinGrowing up, I always loved Sci-fi.  It was always expected that the future of 3D video would be in Holography.  But the movie industry found a way to do it without the expensive lasers, and got rid of the old red/blue filter idea.  These days, it’s mostly done with POLARIZATION or SHUTTERING (strobing).  See, the only thing necessary to give depth to a picture is for one eye to see a different image than the other.  Then our brain interprets the picture as 3D instead of 2D.  So the glasses you get nowadays look fairly normal.  You can’t tell that one lens is shown differently from the other.  Some folks are shelling out $100-$150 for their own 3D movie shades.  But according to the reviews I’ve seen, the glasses they hand out in theatres are almost as good as the personal ones.  But the glasses are the PROBLEM, not the solution, according to most experts.  People just don’t want to wear them, and hygiene is an issue.  Keep your eye peeled for new technology that might eliminate the EEEWWWWWW! factor from 3D viewing.  Here’s an article about some of the latest,  and another that discusses shuttering.

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