Internet Explorer users are STUPID!?

Posted by Dennis July 30th, 2011

Get real.  Some silly Canadian psych profiling company released survey results that are splashed all over tech headlines.  The bottom line is that it was NOT done scientifically, nor are IQ tests reliable. In my humble opinion, the whole premise that AptiQuant (the company that published it) was built upon is questionable.  They test you, and put you in a category.  So much for individuality.  They go to GREAT LENGTHS to explain how valid it is; I say HOGWASH.  The results seem to imply that you’re a brainiac if you use Firefox, and a moron if you browse with Internet Explorer (IE).  Did they ask about multiple browsers?  What about corporate policies?  Some people don’t have a choice.  In fact, I would suggest that even if you USE another browser, that you leave IE as the default.  The comments from  AptiQuant sounded like whiny kids;

[paraphrased] Boooo-hoooo but we don’t LIKE to make our web sites work with IE!! It’s TOO HARD!  Then they prattle on about MODERN WEB STANDARDS as if Microsoft had nothing to do with it.  

Ummmm  HELLO?!  The MAJORITY (roughly 43%) of surfing is done on IE!  And about 80% of computers run Windows!  I’d say Microsoft SETS the standard.  By the way, if you want Java to run really nicely in Internet Explorer, try the Google Chrome Frame add-on.  It’s a slick way to make your IE browser behave more like Firefox or Opera, etc.

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