Remote Access

Posted by Dennis February 3rd, 2011

There are lots of ways to control your work PC from home, or vice-versa.  We used to run PC-Anywhere or Windows Remote Desktop (WRD).  Both are decent solutions and give you full control over your remote PC.  But they can be tricky to set up and secure properly.  For example, WRD requires the host PC to have the PRO version of Windows installed, and you need to know the WAN IP address.  Another problem is that your router will need some tweaking, and that intimidates a lot of people.  A GREAT new solution is Teamviewer.  It’s free for personal use, and can be set to ONLY allow your other PC to control it.  It works on port 80 (same as browsing) so no router or firewall configuration is necessary.  Our biggest client bought a license ($800) for us, and we remote in to locations all over the US.   If you install it, be sure to set up a WHITELIST to prevent hacking.

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