Windows 8, Part II

Posted by Dennis January 5th, 2013

I think Windows 8 may fall by the wayside as another Microsoft “step-child” like Vista and ME.  Evidently they were so desperate to compete with i-pads that they forgot their roots (and loyal customers).  Case in point:  The new GUI, or Graphical User Interface (aka “Metro”) is really nice but falls short for those of us who need to work on a highly detailed screen.  For this we use mouse (or stylus) and keyboard.  You CAN drop back to the old style desktop, but once you get there you’ll find some very important things missing.  The corner Start Button is gone, and if you hover your mouse in that corner you only get the option to return to Metro.  If you find yourself in this quandary, you’ll need to remember some keyboard commands.  The main one is the Start key, which is usually on the bottom left of your keyboard (the one with the Windows logo… see photo).  This will get SOME of the things that you need, but not all.  One of the main things MISSING, once you find the start menu, is the All Programs list.  I’m still looking for a better fix, but in the meanwhile here’s what you have to do;  1) Go back to the Metro screen and 2) do an edge swipe.  When the sidebar menu pops out,  3) Choose search.  If you check the programs box it will show you all available programs.  UGH… REALLY?!  Microsoft, you guys couldn’t come up with anything better than this?!  Come on…   NEXT TIME:  Email, user accounts, and other Win 8  frustrations.

2 Responses

  1. avatar Tyler says:

    I helped a friend (Tony T) set up a new Acer touchscreen laptop with Win8. Pretty awkward for someone who has conditioned himself to keep filthy fingerprints off the dang screen! I got the basic hang of it after a while. It’s probably really clunky without the touch interface. Seems like MS really wants you to buy some of their apps. I think you can add installed programs as a tile on the metro home screen for direct access.
    Web browsing was also pretty messy with IE, jumping between the app and the desktop version. Never did quite get that all sorted out.
    Fingers crossed my old Vista laptop can hang on a while longer..

    • avatar Dennis says:

      Hi Tyler! Yes, definately designed for touch screen, which is a fundamentally flawed idea in my opinion. Someday maybe we’ll be able to just THINK about where we wan the cursor to move, or items we want to select. (see this post ) Thanks for your feedback!

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