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Posted by Dennis October 3rd, 2010

Ok, so this is something all my friends, family, and clients need to know: I clean up virus/trojan/malware attacks every day. Lately, the vast majority are coming from the social networking pages like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. Maybe you caught the irony – check out all the icons below for a complete list of such sites LOL. Anyway, there are some standard things you can do to prevent getting “infected”. 1) MAKE SURE you have good virus protection! 2) NEVER click on stuff from people you don’t know/trust (i.e. don’t take candy from strangers!) and 3) keep your browsers and software up-to-date. But here’s a special one: If you like to check YouTube videos often, WATCH OUT FOR FRESH ONES!! If the video has only been up for an hour, it could be an infected one that some hacker has dropped. I’ve caught ’em doing this with infected videos for about an hour, then they take ’em down to keep from getting caught

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