Sync Madness

Posted by Dennis May 9th, 2012

Sync or Swim, I always say.  :-)   With all the smartphones and tablets out there, lots of folks are “sync’ing” or synchronizing, their emails, songs, photos, etc. from their computer or web accounts.  It’s fine when it works, but it can be a real headache if it misfires.  How do you track down the problem?  First of all, know your apps.  You need to be aware of all possible culprits that made the mistake, and it could be more than one.  For iPhone users, for example, iCloud can sync, but so can  i-TUNES when you plug in to your PC.  For Android users most apps are pretty specific to one type of object, like Picasa for photos, Google Calendar for appointments, Soocial for contacts, etc.  But for Android THE LOCAL app (on the phone/tablet) may not be so obvious.  Calendar is the one to check for your appointments, gallery for your photos.  Keep digging around until you figure out this second half of the issue.  Now, BEFORE YOU GO MUCH FURTHER… is your stuff backed up?  You don’t want to accidentally change something and have all your files disappear.  Ok, the next step is to start looking at the settings for the app.  You may also need to log in to your online account and check the settings there.  If you can’t find it, try Googling the problem to see if there’s an article.  I just had a friend who DID NOT want her Picasa photos all dumped to her phone.  With a little searching I found this article.  (Thanks TricksWindows!).  Be aware that occasionally a Rogue App may be involved.  Facebook users were taken by surprise last year when the Android Facebook app suddenly added all their friends to the contact list on their phones.  Grrr….

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