Posted by Dennis April 14th, 2012

We’ve been recommending Norton protection (again) for the last few months because it seems that Symantec finally got their act together.  So far, so good; it’s fast, reliable, and thus far we have had ZERO infections with the Internet Security (NIS) 2012 product.   BUT there have been a few worrisome glitches, mostly having to do with their registration process.  Many software companies have a way to make sure that you don’t pirate their stuff, and Symantec is no exception.  Although I’ve seen several glitches with the online tracking system, so far their support has been quick to remedy the issue.  In the news:  Symantec announced that users should STOP USING their PC Anywhere software until a patch is released.  See, back in 2006 a hacker stole the code for several of their  products, and then released them to the public when his/her extortion attempt failed.  I don’t really think anyone needs to worry about the NIS package, but DEFINITELY disable PCAnywhere if you run it.  You can read the full article here.

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