Hard Drive Shortage

Posted by Dennis February 24th, 2012

For several months now there’s been a major shortage in hard drive production.  Why?  You might think that the earthquake/tsunami in Japan last spring is the cause, but the REALLY big problem for the PC industry comes from Thailand.  Flooding last year shut down all but a handful of factories, and has caused a ripple effect in the production of hard drives (HD’s).  Every PC has one, and the shortage is likely to drive up computer prices in the coming months, in my opinion.  The 3 big HD makers; Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate, all have bottlenecks in production because of this natural disaster.  Last summer the prices of drives shot up, in some cases, to triple.  This is the first time in decades that the cost per Gigabyte of storage has gone up, rather than down.  As factories come back online, and the supply begins to match the demand, prices should stabilize.  I remember back in college when a 40 MEGAbyte hard drive was HUGE.  Nowadays a MILLION MEGABYTES (1 Terabyte) is pretty standard.  When you think about it, we really are spoiled…if you compare to 30 years ago, we are using PC’s that are the equivalent of an old Mainframe computer that might have filled an entire room and cost millions of dollars.  Now we can get one for $499.  Helluva deal…

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