Posted by Dennis February 21st, 2012

How do you know who made your product?  Sometimes it’s REALLY hard to tell.  Sub-branding is a pretty common practice in the business world. And it’s not just parent companies sub-branding their own stuff.   A company will purchase a product from elsewhere, in bulk, with an agreement that they can put a new label on it with THEIR name to resell.  Back when Dell first started selling Dell-branded printers, I found out they were just sub-branding Lexmark printers.  BAD idea!  Lexmark, at the time, was the one of the worst printers on the market (in my opinion) so I stopped buying Dell printers.  Since then they’ve started manufacturing their own, and they have some decent products.    Here at TPCD we sub-brand services; like the tool we use to remotely connect to our customers.  It looks like our software, but it’s not.  We pay a pretty penny to license from a German software maker.  But the quality of the product is so high that it would be silly for us to re-invent the wheel.  In many cases it’s like a contractor who builds a home – he/she will use MANY subcontractors and service companies, but you’ll likely NEVER see the name of any of those.  Only the primary.  So sometimes it pays to do a little research and ask questions to make sure that you get good quality.

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