DNS Warning

Posted by Dennis February 18th, 2012

The Internet is basically three things;  Connections (think wires, wifi, fiber optics etc), Computers, and Routers.  The main computers that control and manage the traffic are called Domain Name System (DNS) servers.  Some of the biggest and most dangerous attacks lately are setting up fake DNS servers, and making YOUR PC go someplace evil instead of where you told it.  The FBI, and a bunch of other “good guys”, have been combatting recent worm attacks called DomainChanger.  These digital heroes went so far as to replace some of the nation’s biggest DNS servers via court order, to try and stop the spread of attack.  University Geeks set up a web site to help you check your computer.  EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS – you can find the instructions here.  Meanwhile, in June 2012, the court order expires and a bunch of key DNS servers may go down.  It could cause major Internet traffic issues.  Read the full article on Beta Beat here.

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