3G vs Wifi

Posted by Dennis November 30th, 2011

Ok, so there’s a LOT of confusion out there about 3G vs Wifi.  (I’ll ignore 4G for now, since not all cities have it yet, but it’s just a step up from 3G).  You can buy tablets right now, including the i-pad, that have either of these.  ALMOST ALL OF THEM have Wifi.  But if you want 3G, you pay extra.  First you’ll pay more for the device, but THEN you ALSO MUST have a cellular provider, like AT&T or Verizon, connect the device.  It’s just like setting up a new cell phone, and costs about the same.  It allows you to use the device wherever 3G is available, even moving down the road.  The speeds are just mediocre; that’s why everyone wants 4G instead.  But Wifi is already much faster (up to 300 Mbps).  The problem with Wifi is that it is localized.  It depends on having a wireless router.  So you can have it at your house, for example, and the library, and the airport, etc. as long as you are within at least 300 feet of the router.   But each time you move, you must reconnect to a new network.  If it’s secured, you also need the PASSWORD for that network.  Lately it seems like there are less and less free Wifi Hotspots available.  I was really ticked off the last time I stayed at a nice hotel and they wanted to charge me extra for Wifi.  :-(  Anyway, I hope this clears up some of the misconceptions. 

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