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Robots 4 U

News | Posted by Dennis March 3rd, 2012

In the 80’s they thought that robotics was the next big thing, and there were lots of failed products that showed the technology just wasn’t ready yet.  Well HANG ON TO YER HATS folks ‘cuz things are about to get REALLY interesting.  Google is working on SELF DRIVING CARS.  They’re already out there, being tested.  The main push right now is getting standards and laws in place to accommodate them.  According to this article in Bloomberg, several states (including Oklahoma!) are preparing to follow Nevada’s lead in ushering in this new trend.  Within 5 years, according to some experts, we’ll see these vehicles in regular use on the roads.  Meanwhile, there’s more!  How about self driving shopping carts and automated skate boards!?  They’re already out there being tested (or sold, in the case of the skateboards) according to this article  in Wired . On the seedier side, Japan has been actively selling “sex robots” for several years now. Although they’re more mannequin than robot,they are paving the way for realistic, human-like robots in the future. Honda already has a cute little ‘bot called Asimo that can mimic a heckuva lot of human actions and behaviors, and you can lease one today for $150,000 PER MONTH. (But really, you should check out the web site…they have a dog, too).  It’s starting to look a lot like several of my favorite movies out there (Terminator, Blade Runner, iRobot, etc.)  The technology is ripe because we finally have tiny CPU’s that can keep up in real time, so be ready for all kinds of cool stuff like this in the next few years.  Rest assured that our military is working on a replacement for the foot soldier, too.