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2011 Cyber Attacks

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis March 1st, 2012

Results are in:  Last year’s majority of “data breaches” (i.e. stolen personal information) for businesses were from Malware and Hacking, according to a new study by Verizon.  This is unusual because other studies frequently show that it’s an INSIDE job.  But the sophistication of external attacks has gone up.  Organized criminals have computers running, night and day, looking for a way in to PC’s across the planet.  If there’s a hole in security, they WILL find it.  The worst news is that many companies didn’t find the problem until months, or YEARS later.  Listen, if you have a business, and you store ANY information about your customers, you need to be proactive about your PC security, both inside and out.  Your customers will be TICKED if you have a breach.  Find a good IT company or person to help you get ahead of the game.  I have clients that pay me to come out every month for a “checkup” just to make sure everything is OK.  Don’t just wait around for it to happen; that can be much more costly in the long run.  Here’s the full article… thanks Network World!