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Win 7 Data Transfer

Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis December 18th, 2010

So much to post, and so little time!  So what’s the easy way to move all your stuff to Windows 7?  Use the Windows Easy Transfer feature that comes with all new PC’s.  The simplest way is via external USB drive.  If you don’t have one, they are cheap, easy to use, and can help back up your stuff (more on this later).  Anyway, if you run the Easy Transfer program with your USB drive plugged in, it will give you the option to plug in your drive and PUT THE PROGRAM ON IT.  So you can turn around and plug it into your OLD PC and it will find EVERYTHING and transport it for you!  It’s a REALLY good way to go, because Win 7 stores things a little differently than XP.  This method will get all your favorites, desktop, pictures, music, etc. in the right place in one fail swoop.


Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis December 18th, 2010

Well, the Google calendar sync takes care of THAT aspect of Outlook, but what about tasks, contacts, and notes?  There is third party software for sale that will sync everything, but if you’re cheap (like me) you can do everything but notes for free.  The easy way to handle contacts (up to 250) is a website called Soocial.  It will do free sync with up to three different devices/services.  More if you go with the pay service.  So far Soocial has been working ok for me, but it has a few minor glitches that could make it better.  It doesn’t carry all the fields for contacts that Outlook does, for example, so you can miss information.  Otherwise it seems to work just fine.  Next time – Task list