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2011 Predictions

News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis December 31st, 2010

From the FinancialPost: 

Apple Inc., which has long promoted its devices as being less susceptible to malicious software than competing devices, will also see its Mac computers, iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets being singled out for attack in 2011, McAfee’s report predicts. The company saw malware of increasing sophistication targeting the Apple OS in 2010, a trend it expects will increase further next year.

 “The lack of [Apple] user understanding regarding exposure on these platforms and the lack of deployed security solutions make a fertile landscape for cybercriminals,” the report said. “McAfee Labs expects to see botnets and Trojans move from a rare encounter to a more common occurrence on Apple platforms in 2011.”Read more:




Back up your stuff!

Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis December 30th, 2010

Is it important?  Then BACK IT UP.  We have countless (sad!) stories of people losing a decade’s worth  of pictures, songs, or work because they failed to do this.  There are lots of options, but the three most popular are 1) memory sticks 2) USB or network drives and 3) online backup.  Memory sticks are now available up to 256 Gb, but the price break is at about 32 Gb right now.  USB/network drives offer much larger capacity and often come with software to automate your backup.  The most recent trend, online backup, sends your stuff to “the cloud”.  Carbonite is one of the most popular, and reasonable, online backup services.  Be sure to check pricing, security, and reviews before purchasing any of these.


News | Posted by Dennis December 29th, 2010

To all our fans on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook: Thank You!  Because of your continued interest, got 11,000 hits in November!  (although it looks like at least some of those hits came from European hackers) AND we’ve already exceeded that in December!  We’re trying to keep it real, and useful on a once-per-day blog.  Keeping it under 50 words has been a challenge since we’re trying to eliminate jargon.  The information we post here is often what companies pay us to do for them for big $$$$, so stay tuned!

Android Task sync

Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis December 28th, 2010

Android sync to Outlook – Part 3.  Since I’m so cheap, and refused to buy anything to handle all the aspects of sync to Outlook, I found workarounds or solutions for each aspect except notes.  But tasks was a little different.  There really is no free solution for this, although all the Google Calendar users have been complaining about it from the git-go.  After I pondered it for awhile, I realized that it wasn’t really a big deal as long as you’re willing to let go of your Outlook task list.  It’s easy to set up a task list in Google, then just put shortcuts to it on your phone AND PC.  Opera is a great browser that will sync your favorites as well.  If you think of tasks like a scrap of paper (TO DO list) then this is an easy transition.

Move your stuff

Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis December 27th, 2010

So you finally got that new PC, but now you need your contents moved from the old computer to the new one.  With Windows 7, there’s a painless way to make it all happen in one fell swoop.  Windows Easy Transfer (WET) can get EVERYTHING, including all your system settings, backgrounds, and email, into Win7.  More importantly, it puts it all in THE RIGHT PLACE.  Win7 has a much different layout of file locations than XP did, so this is important.  The easiest way to use WET is with an external USB hard drive.  Plug it in to your new PC, then run All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > WET.  It will guide you through the entire process.


Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis December 26th, 2010

Ok, I need to retract a statement I made earlier:  Windows 7 IS a good gaming platform!  My PC was having a hard time with newer games, but I needed to pay attention to the WINDOWS EXPERIENCE INDEX!  It’s a great way to identify bottlenecks in your system.  The lowest number rating is the one to upgrade for better speed.  In my case, I needed a new video card.  Now that I’ve upgraded, WOW what a difference!  My video gaming rating jumped from 5.1 to 7.1, and now all games FLY like the wind.


Helpful Hints, News | Posted by Dennis December 24th, 2010

Did you get yours yet?  You might, for Christmas! These popular gifts come in many shapes and sizes.  The Amazon Kindle and Sony E-reader are two of the most popular.  It’s amazing that the last decade may mark the eventual disappearance of paper books.  Thanks to Google’s Library Project and others, we now have electronic (SEARCHABLE!) access to more knowledge and printed materials than ever.  If you have a reader, try Calibre software for a great, free way to get stuff on it.


Helpful Hints | Posted by Dennis December 23rd, 2010

Christmas joys – techno toys.  Gizmos, gadgets, whoosits and whatsits, lots of you will be giving or getting new technology for gifts.  REMEMBER TO UPDATE!  Almost every device and software these days gets shipped too early.  Companies do this to get them on the shelf, then fix problems later.  So whether it’s a router, game, X-box, or phone; the first thing to figure out is how to update it to the latest version.  PC’s in particular can have a myriad of downloads available.  WIN 7 does it automatically, but it won’t do things like sound drivers or BIOS patches.  These will come from the manufacturer.  After that HAVE FUN!  :-)

Tulsa Economy

News | Posted by Dennis December 21st, 2010

The mid-west economy is ROCKIN’ from what we can see.  It’s great because we have a really broad cross-section of all types of businesses + residential clients.  From doctors and lawyers to trucking and tires – business is GOOD.   This December has absolutely SLAMMED last year, so it looks like consumer confidence is WAYYY up!  This is excellant news, since last year fell flat.  Go Green Country!


News, Warnings | Posted by Dennis December 20th, 2010

WARNING!  If you have email with,, or a YAHOO account, CHECK IT and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD to a strong one (at least 8 characters with a mix of letters, numbers, caps, etc).  There have been a rash of hacks in the last two weeks.  They break in to the account, then SPAM everyone on your list with sites that are likely delivering viruses (at the minimum they are selling Viagra).  More as this story develops.